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Sherman Oaks Boot Camp Instructor

Luke Kasdan

Luke has been training clients in the valley for the past five years. A sports fanatic, his background is in strength and conditioning but has worked with clients from 8 to 80 and every injury or medical condition under the sun. No matter your fitness level on day one, Luke will have you fitter and stronger by the end of the camp.

Meet the Team

 Our instructors are Martial Artists, Nutritionists, Personal Trainers, Former Military trainees, NFL trainees, Fitness Competitors, Triathletes and just plain excercise nuts. The one thing they have in common as personal trainers is their ability to motivate bootcampers with their infectious attitudes and awesome exercises! Our bootcamps aren't run by drill sergents, they are run by people who want to help you achieve your personal best through positive reinforcement, support and teamwork. Take a look at our team, we think you will be impressed!!

With 11 locations in LA, Valley, Beach areas our program is the largest and most reputable privately held Boot Camp company on the West Coast.  We've been in operation as Morning Crunch for more than 15 years.  Most of our trainers have been working with us for 5 or more years.  Most of our clients stay with us for 2 or more years at least!  Our longest running client was with our program for 8 years!  We've helped thousands of people get into fitness with our award winning fitness program.  Come get FIT!

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North Hollywood Boot Camp Instructor

Sean Reilly

Sean has been a certified trainer since 2000. He holds numerous certifications through NASM, ISSA, and AFFA certs. He spent his life participating in sports including hockey, soccer and swimming. He believes in making training fun, and his clients never go home without a good laugh and a great workout. 

Sherman Oaks

N. Hollywood/Toluca Lake

Los Feliz

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Los Feliz Boot Camp Instructor

Gordon Lake

Gordon is an athletic superstar with a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology.  He was recruited for both football and basketball teams going into college. He loves playing sports and incorporating athletic drills and team training into his workout programs. He also has trained in boxing and judo! Way to go Gordon!

West LA Boot Camp Instructor

Adrianne Pelt

 Adrianne Pelt is a great trainer with over 9 years of experience and multiple fitness certifications. She is well versed in many types of training modalities and she stays updated on the lastest fitness research to help clients acheive their goals. Adrianne has competed in physique competitions and is always striving to take her physical fitness to the next level. She brings a high energy approach to every workout and she loves being creative with exercises. She is excited to teach Boot Camp and hopes every one she trains will reach their maximum potential of athleticism, leanness and strength.

Glendale Boot Camp Instructor

J Crawford

J Crawford is an athlete and has been an exercise fanatic his whole life. He started with push-ups at age 10, then progressed to excel in sports like football, track & field, and basketball. Now a daily runner, J loves to get outside. He is focused on outdoor physical training over weightlifting or training in the gym. He is an early morning person with a great desire to help others reach new levels of health and fitness.


Santa Monica Boot Camp Instructor

Guile Branco

Guile is an AFAA Certified trainer, a fitness success story and a 3x Power Lifting Champion. He started working with weights and getting fit and the young age of 15 because he was tired of looking like a "noodle". His transformational success has been the feature of a documentary on training and was published in Men's Fitness Magazine. He was born in Brazil, but raised in California, then spent a few years personal training at Boot Camps and elite Private Health Clubs in New York City. Now that he's settled back in Encino, he is ready to make you a fitness success story too.

Downtown LA Boot Camp Instructor

Paul Shaw

 Paul Shaw is the real deal. Back in 2005 he weighed over 300 lbs, and from that frustration he transformed his life. He stayed committed to a balanced nutrition program, exercised frequently, and lost 100 lbs in his first year. His change was so dramatic that others turned to him for help in their own fitness quests. That’s when he got certified as a trainer and started working his magic on others. In addition to AAFA certified personal trainer, miracle worker, and weight loss success story, Paul also holds the title of former US Marine! He even trained others in college who were going to the Marine Corps and US Navy. Way to go Paul!

Culver City​

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Pasadena Boot Camp Instructor

Michael Rupnow

Michael is an athletic superstar, he has played Football, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball and Track at the University of Kentucky. In addition to every sport in the book, he's also tried every diet in the book and has an extensive understanding of eating plans. For the last 6 years he's been using his Pre-Med studies, Sports Training background, and nutrition knowledge to develop effective workout routines and lifestyle programs for his clients. He is also a big believer in natural remedies, herbal medications, and positive attitudes.

West LA

Culver City Boot Camp Instructor

Dave Ball

Dave Ball is a health and fitness madman. He has developed his skills through various disciplines including Kung Fu, cycling, nutrition, Tai Chi, survival, and mountaineering. He is constantly perfecting his techniques and gaining new skills to challenge and energize you. As a personality, he is exciting; as an instructor he is motivating. In life he has braved some wild trails, now he is ready to guide you on the path of wellness.

Downtown LA

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Hollywood Boot Camp Instructor

Logan Kerker

Logan is a highly experience personal trainer with multiple fitness certifications. He has a passion for helping others and is the owner of the LA Wolves basketball program for kids. He performs in Mud Run Obstacles and other race challenges to push himself mentally & physically. He works hard to be the best Fitness Trainer he can be and believes that all of his clients can achieve there fitness goals!​​

Santa Monica